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Skylight (2)


Builder Ross & Marshall Port Glasgow
Official Nr 142262
Yard Nr
Launched 1918
Length 62.2 ft
Beam 17 ft
Gross 90 tons
Nett 37 tons
Engine 2 cyl steam compound

Built by Ross & Marshall for their own account to replace their earlier 1879 Skylight. .  

On 15th December 1920 she sank in Rothesay Dock, Glasgow. The contemporary record at RCAHMS does not explain the circumstances but does include the statement "Constructive Total Loss: all gone?".

She was obviously salvaged as she went on to live a second life as the "Baylight" owned by the River Wear Commissioners, having been so registered at Sunderland in 1946. She was still showing as such in the Mercantile Navy List of 1955 and appears to have continued in service until at least 1960. I have no information on her after this.

The photograph below, taken in 1960, shows her as "Baylight" alongside the quay at the site of the redevelopment of the North Sands Shipyard at Sunderland.  "Baylight" is the small vessel in the centre of the picture. The others are not identified.  Any offers ?

I have information that she was purchased by Dutch interests and towed to Holland for demolition. My informant in the Netherlnds is trying to establish a date for this.


Photograph by courtesy of the Eddie Frost Collection