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Isaac Pimblott & Sons.


Isaac Pimblott opened his shipbuilding yard on the River Weaver in Cheshire in 1867 with the family firm of Isaac Pimblott & Sons being formed in the 1870s. Originally located near the centre of Northwich, the yard was moved up stream near to Hunts Lock in 1906. The site of the yard is now a pleasure craft marina.


After Isaac's death in1909 the company came under the management of Isaac's sons, John and Thomas, and in the ensuing years the yard specialised in building small harbour craft including tugs and launches, and barges, Many of these were of wooden construction.


During the second world war, and of particular interest to us here, the yard built thirteen VICs for the Ministry of WarTransport. Post-war in the'50s the yard continued on from the VICs by concentrating on building small coasting vessels, many of which were exported to Indonesia and elsewhere In the 60s the yard built several small craft for the Royal Navy before it closed in 1971 and the company itself going into liquidation in 1974