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Pibroch (1)      Texa      Cumbrae Lass


Builder Scotts, Bowling
Official Nr 147876
Yard Nr  
Launched 1923
Length 66.5 ft
Beam 18.3 ft
Gross 96 tons
Nett 36 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Steam compound

The first of two Pibrochs to be built to serve the whisky industry on the Isle of Islay. This one was built for Mackie Brothers, owners of the White Horse Distillery at Lagavulin.

Transferring to Scottish Malt Distillers when White Horse were acquired by the Distillers Company Ltd, she served the island on a weekly basis for 34 years until 1957 when she was replaced by her successor, also named Pibroch (see Pibroch (2) )

Pibroch was then sold on in 1958 to L.MacCorkindale of Troon who renamed her "Texa" (do not confuse with Hay's "Texan"). In 1960 she was bought by McNeill of Greenock and in 1964 to Burke of Greenock and renamed again, this time to "Cumbrae Lass". For historian's, L MacCorkindale was the son of the owner of the "Lady Isle ", Capt. J L MacCorkindale of Lismore

She was retired from service and broken up at the Dalmuir yard of Arnott Young Ltd in 1967

The photograph below shows her on the Clyde as "Texa". (possibly heading upriver with Inchinan on the South Bank?)


The photograph below is from the Dan McDonald collection courtesy of the Ballast Trust and is reproduced under a Creative Commons license