puffers & vics


Mary Hill


Builder Ardmaleish Boatbuilding, Bute
Yard Nr   ?
Launched 31/7/2004
Delivered July 2004
Length 42 ft
Beam 10.1 ft
Displacement 24 tons
Engine 50 bhp diesel

Not of course a real puffer at all, the "Mary Hill" is a one third scale replica of a typical Clyde puffer built in the immediate pre-war era. She was built to the order of Sir Robert Smith, then chairman of Glasgow's Weir Group and is intended for use as a pleasure craft on the Forth and Clyde, Monklands and Union Canal system in central Scotland.

She is complete with all facilities needed for comfortable extended cruising, including two double cabins.

The other in a sense imposter on this website is the "Wee Spark", also a 1/3 replica but included here as a mark of respect to the men who built them and who seek to keep the memory of the puffers alive.

Maryhill on the Clyde in Glasgow during the 2007 Clyde River Festival

photograph copyright 2007 Alasdair MacKenzie