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Glencloy (1)


Builder G G Hamilton Brodick
Official Nr 105251
Yard Nr   ?
Launched 1895
Length 60 ft
Beam 18.1 ft
Gross 56 tons
Nett 24 tons
Engine 15 hp compound

The hull of the Glen Cloy was built by brothers G & G Hamilton at the mouth of the Glencloy Water close to where the centre of the village of Brodick now is. Constructed of local timber, the completed hull was towed to Glasgow to have her engine installed.

Used by the Hamilton's to trade between the island and the mainland for the next 16 years, she is reported to have been sold on to Donovans Ltd of Tralee, Ireland, in 1911. She was completely destroyed by fire on 20th July 1922 at Kildysart..

She would almost certainly not have had the longevity of some of her only slightly younger iron-hulled sisters, as many problems arose from combining the flexibility of the wooden hulls of that time with rigid iron propellor shafts.

The postcard below is undated and I have had to take a guess as to which "Glencloy" this is. Given that the "Reliable Series" of postcards were in their heyday in the first decade of the 20th century I expect that it depicts this, the original, "Glencloy".



Courtesy of the Graham Lappin collection