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Barclay Curle


The company was founded in 1818 by Robert Barclay at Stobcross on the north bank of the Clyde in Glasgow where, in 1862, they built a large engineering works. In 1876, the company moved their yard down the river to Whiteinch in the burgh of Partick. The company was incorporated in 1884 as Barclay Curle & Co Ltd. In 1912, Barclay Curle acquired the nearby Elderslie Shipyard from John Shearer & Sons, to take the excess orders that the firm's existing Clydeholm yard in Whiteinch could not handle. Barclay Curle itself was acquired in 1912 by Swan Hunter.

Shipbuilding ceased in 1968 although diesel engine production remained for a short while afterwards. The photograph on the left shows the distinctive North British Diesel Ltd engine works building, and the Titan hammerhead crane used to lift the completed engines into ships. This photograph is undated although the scene in 2012 looks very much the same with the adjacent quay used for piling scrap metal ready for export.

photograph reproduced from Wikipedia under a Creative Commons license