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Acknowledgements & Copyright


This website is a compilation of information and photographs from many different sources and it would not have been possible without the earlier efforts of many others who have meticulously preserved the history of these little ships.  I have had a mountain of material to sift through and I would like now to acknowledge these sources. In no particular order:

George Robinson, Angus MacKinnon,  Roy Cressey, Mike Ridgard, Derek Sands, Bill Harvey, Patrick Hill, Alan Jenner, Professor A. Graham Lappin, Chris Jones, Graeme Wallace, Ian Record, Bruce Allan, John MacDonald, Lenny Hartley, Allan T Condie, Michael Dyson, Crawford Alexander, Roy Masson, Peter Arendz, Jan Stolp, Phil Robinson, Sawyer & Mitchell's "The Empire Ships",  Guthrie Hutton's "Puffers", Ian Whittaker, Andy Milner, Christine Simm, Angus Smith, Tricia Henton

The Caledonian Maritime Research Trust

The Caledonian Maritime Research Trust, and the now defunct Clydebuilt Database, in particular Stuart Cameron, David Asprey, Paul Strathdee, Jim Pottinger & many others

    To the late Dan MacDonald, author of "The Clyde Puffer", and to the  The Ballast Trust where his large collection of photographs are archived.      

University of Glasgow Archives,      Scottish Maritime Museum,      The Puffer Preservation Trust  

Falkirk Council Archives        East Dumbartonshire Council Archives         Lowestoft Maritime Museum

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland      Argyll & Bute Libraries and Museums

And last but not least, to Keith McGinn and the late Len Paterson.  Keith's autobiography "Last of the Puffermen" rekindled my interest in these little vessels and he has very kindly helped me with information for these pages. Len's book has also been a wonderful source of information and he too very kindly assisted with answers to my questions.


The late Dan McDonald, pictured below on board "Glenshira ". Without this wonderful man's efforts so much of the history of the Clyde Puffers would have been lost.  All of us who treasure their memory owe him a big debt of gratitude.



The subject of the copyright of photographs is always a thorny one as far as the internet is concerned. When no other source has been available I have used photographs which are already in the public domain, with the consent of the copyright owners when it has been possible to identify them. However, as many of these old photographs appear over and over again, and uncredited, in several publications their ownership is clearly lost in the mists of time.  I have therefore not deliberately used copyright material without consent but if you own the copyright to any picture used in this site and I have not obtained your permission to use it then I would appreciate your giving me that consent, which will be acknowledged, or else ask and I will remove the offending image immediately.

No photograph used in this website may be reproduced without the written permission of the copyright holder, either directly or via the person named as having provided it from their private collection for use here only.