puffers & vics


Westernlight         Western


Builder Ross & Marshall Greenock
Yard Nr ?
Launched 1899
Length ?
Beam ?
Gross ?
Engine ??? 2 Cyl Steam Compound

Built by Ross & Marshall for their own use. Len Paterson tells me that has a note that she was  "reconstructed in 1905 and altered in 1912". I have little further factual information on her except that she became Alexander McNeil of Greenock's "Western" for the latter part of her life. She does not appear in the Clydebuilt database and so perhaps she was built as a dumb lighter and that the 1905 or 1912 work included fitting her with an engine.  But, too much speculation here, we need some facts !

The only other reference I have to her was made by Daniel McNeil who told me of Western's part in the rescue of the crew (including himself) of the "Invergowrie" on 3rd September 1939. and that she survived WW2 still in McNeil's ownership until sold off (presumably for scrap) by the liquidators when the McNeil business went bankrupt.in the 1950s

Apart from Len Paterson's reference above, none of the other authoritative "puffer" historians such as Dan MacDonald or Guthrie Hutton make any mention of her and, as previously noted, she does not appear in the Clydebuilt database.  For the time being then she is a bit of a mystery ship.

Any contributions of information on the "Western" would be much appreciated.