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VIC 87    King Hal      Dane (3)


Builder R.Dunston, Thorne
Official Nr 180318
Yard Nr 515
Launched 7/10/1944
Delivered 12/1944
Length 66.8 ft
Beam 18.4 ft
Gross 96 tons
Deadweight 140 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Steam Compound

In Naval service from 1945 until 1947.

1947 Transferred to the Admiralty at Deptford, London

 1948 – as “King Hal” with Overseas Towage & Salvage Co Ltd

1949 – As “Dane” with J Hay & Sons Ltd until at least 1956.

There is no further trace of her until she was discovered in the records of the West of Scotland Shipbreaking Company Limited at Troon during research into that company being conducted by my friend and ClydeMaritime colleague, the late Angus MacKinnon.

The WSSCL archive reveals that "Dane" arrived at Troon on the 6th of March 1964 drawing 1' 6" forward and 8' 6" aft, typical for a small puffer. She was immediately beached and on 28th April moved futher up the beach. Breaking started on 8th of May 1964 and was completed on 5th June 1964, i.e. a total demolition span of just four weeks - even for a small puffer quite a credible performance



The photograph below is from the Dan McDonald collection courtesy of the Ballast Trust and is reproduced under a Creative Commons license