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VIC 58      Nervo


Builder Pollock  Faversham
Yard Nr 1842
Launched 1948
Delivered 1948
Length 80.5 ft
Beam 20 ft
Gross 147 tons
Deadweight 250 tons
Engine Kelvin 60bhp TVO fuelled, later Kelvin 66 bhp diesel

With the war over before she was launched, the MOWT cancelled the contract for VIC58.


Pollock completed and launched her as a merchant vessel, the "Nervo", for the London & Rochester Trading Co Ltd.. As can be seen from the photograph below, her superstructure has been designed with a much lower barge-like profile than that of the 80.5 foot "Improved VICs" which were completed for the MOWT. With her TVO engine instead of the standard steam plant as well as other modifications, her deadweight tonnage increased from 165 to 250.

Some very interesting background to "Nervo" and her sister "Knox" (VIC59) have been provided by "Knox's" former skipper, Alan Jenner, and included in the entry for "Knox".

The photograph below shows "Nervo" on the Sea Reach of the River Thames in 1962.

In July 1969 she was bought by H R Horlock & Co of Esses for use as a ballast lighter. Nothing is known about her after this. .


Photograph courtesy of and Copyright Alan Jenner