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VIC 56        


Builder Pollock  Faversham
Official Nr 180809
Yard Nr 1840
Launched 22/11/1945
Delivered 12/1945
Length 80.5 ft
Beam 20 ft
Gross 147 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Steam Compound Oil fired boiler

VIC 56 served with the admiralty at Rosyth until 1974, when she was laid up there. During her time there she served naval vessels in all of the Forth ports and even made a voyage via the Caledonian Canal to the Isle of Rona off Skye with stores for the (supposed to be top secret) Admiralty Research Unit there.


In 1978 she was bought by Mr. H.Cleary of Wealdstone in Kent and in April 1979  was steamed to a berth at Rotherhithe on the Thames in London. Converstion work sponsored by the then National Coal Board was done on her to allow her to burn coal instead of oil to reduce operating costs..

She then underwent substantial restoration in 1984, re-appearing at a steam rally in London docks in July 1985.

In autumn 2005 she was moved to a berth in the Chatham Royal Dockyard in Kent, where she is still in September 2010. For her own website click here


Photograph courtesy of and Copyright Mike Ridgard