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VIC 32


Builder R.Dunston, Thorne
Official Nr 169311
Yard Nr 411
Launched 3/7/1943
Delivered 8/1943
Length 66.8 ft
Beam 18.4 ft
Gross 96 tons
Deadweight 140 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Steam Compound

On Naval service until 1946 at Fort William. Carried cargoes including ammunition and petroleum products and was therefore fitted with a sprinkler system and fire hydrants. She reportedly voyaged as far north as Scapa Flow.

1947 – transferred to the Admiralty and was in Devonport the same year with the pennant number C.702 before transfer to Rosyth.


Sold in December 1963 to Turner & Hickman of Glasgow and then 3 months  later on to J A White & Co of St Davids on the Forth estuary, ostensibly for scrapping. She was saved from this fate in 1970 by Keith Schellenberg, a steam enthusiast, who sailed her to Whitby, Yorkshire, where she lay for the next five years.

In 1975 she was bought by Nick and Rachel Walker and sailed to London where over the next 3 years she was converted for passenger carrying, being fitted with a raised galley and saloon, as well as six twin berth cabins.

Three years later Nick and Rachel sailed her north again, up the North sea and down the Caledonian Canal,  and from their base at Crinan now use her to offer week-long live-aboard holiday cruises around the West Coast and Clyde Islands. They can be contacted via The Puffer Preservation Trust

She was awarded the Montague Trophy for expertise and initiative in steam in 1977, and the Steam Heritage Award in 1987  When she had to be re-boilered in 2006 (see link opposite) her new one was built as an exact replica of the original. It delivers its steam to her original 1943 engine.

VIC32 is now owned by a charity, The Puffer Preservation Trust Co Ltd.,

The top row of photographs below were kindly provided by Patrick Hill following his cruise on VIC32 in 2008. All are Patrick's Copyright 2008.

The lower row, all of VIC32's engine room, were kindly provided by Paul Hunter and are his Copyright 2013.









For a photographic record of the manufacture of VIC32s new boiler click on the photograph below

copyright 2006 Puffer Preservation Trust

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On the Canal to Loch Oich

On Loch Oich

View from the wheelhouse

What puffers do best!

Neptune's Staircase

in JWD Greenock May 2017 ©George Robinson