puffers & vics






Builder Scotts Bowling
Official Nr 111197
Yard Nr 135
Launched 29/5/1899
Length 66.4 ft
Beam 18.3ft
Gross 91 tons
Nett 39 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Steam Compound

Built for and owned, initially at least, by The Glasgow  Steam Coaster Co Ltd (manager R. Munro).  She disappears from the MNL after 1915 but the RCHAMS "Canmore" database lists her possible wreck at Rubha Suisnish, Loch Slapin on Skye, dating from 18th December 1933 whilst bound for Glasgow with a cargo of Talc, which was mined on the island. The Canmore reference to the wreck being a "wooden steamship" is wrong; Chris Ellis who examined the wreck while on Skye in Spring 2012 says that it is definately that of a steal hulled puffer-type vessel. (Incidentally, I cannot find any records in the MNLs of an 1864 built and Liverpool registered "Triton", which Canmore suggests as an alternative for this wreck)

The only photograph I have obtained is from a 1933 postcard showing Triton at Puddler's Bridge on the Crinan Canal.


Photograph courtesy of the Roy Cressey Collection