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Scotts Shipbuilding and Engineering Company


Founded in 1711 by John Scott, his family purchased the Greenock Foundry in 1790 and commenced building at Cartsdyke Dockyard in 1850 as Scott & Company.

The adjacent yard of R Steel & Co was purchased in 1883, allowing for the creation of the Cartsburn Dockyard and its establishment as a naval constructor.. 

In 1925 Scotts acquired the Cartsdyke Mid Yard belonging to the puffer-building and operating firm of Ross & Marshall. The next espansion was in 1965 when they purchased Scott & Sons of Bowling. Later that same year, they merged with the Greenock Dockyard Comany, allowing the integration of the Cartsburn and Cartsdyke Dockyards, completed in 1966.

In 1967 yet another merger, this time with their near-neighbours, Lithgows Ltd., to form Scott-Lithgow Ltd.  Ten years later in 1977 the then Labour Government nationalised the UK's shipbuilding industry and Scott Lithgow disappeared into the monolithic British Shipbuilders Corporation.

The inevitable followed: just two years later the Cartsdyke yard closed. In 1983 the new Conservative government started selling the nationalised yards back into provate hands and Scott Lithgow was purchased by the Trafalgar House conglomerate. A year later the Cartsburn yard went the same way as Cartsdyke, effectively ending welll over two hundred years of shipbuilding there. Scott Lithgow itself ceased trading in 1993.