puffers & vics




Builder Robert Duncan, Pt Glasgow
Official  Nr 77222
Yard Nr 121
Launched 1877
Length 66.6 ft
Beam 18.1 ft
Gross 65 tons
Nettt 53 tons
Engine 2 cyl compound

I've only discovered  this puffer as the result of the photograph below sent to be by Graham Lappin on March 2nd 2014.

She was built for James McConnachy of Port Glasgow. Her MNL entry for 1890 shows her by then owned by John Scott Munro of Glasgow. By 1910 she is owned by John Munro (no Scott but is it the same gentleman?) of Oban. In 1930 she is listed as owned by the Oban Slipway Co of Glasgow before her last entry in 1940 shows her owned by the West Highland slipway Co, also of Glasgow.

Thanks to the observational skills of Doug and Andy from ClydeMaritime Forums, the location below has been identified as the East Kyle just north of Rhubodach with the hills sloping down to Rhuba na Moine in the background and Colintraive just off camera to the right. There is no record of when it was taken but perhaps we can speculate that the absence of any deckhouse cover for the boiler or an open wheelhouse sugggests the earlier part of her career; or maybe she was never "modernised".

photograph courtesy of the Graham Lappin collection