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Roslin Glen      Briton (1)


Builder Wm. Burrell
Official Nr 99891
Yard Nr
Launched 1893
Length 66.2 ft
Beam 18.3 ft
Gross 85 tons
Nett 32 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Steam Compound

Built by William Burrell & Sons for a John Frew, Roslin Glen was sold to J & J Hay in 1899 when she was renamed "Briton" in line with Hay's tribal name tradition.

She was later sold on to a William Davies, a Caernarvonshire businesman under who's ownership she traded along the Welsh coast carrying mainly cargoes of coal.  There is a report that she returned to the Clyde in 1915 but her 1920 MNL entry shows her moved to London and registered to Wm McAllum of St Mary Axe, London. By her final entry of 1930 she is registered in Grimsby to Charles Dobson of the Fish Docks there.

The top photograph is in my opinion one of the most interesting I have been donated for the site. It was taken in Glenelg Bay with the hills of Skye on the other side of the Sound of Sleat in the background, and the entrance to the Kyle Rhea narrows on the right. It is undated but as she is at the time still "Roslin Glen" it must be no later than 1899. The photograph is captioned "LoadingWood" and you can see the logs being floated off the beach, to presumably be towed out to her by the waiting rowing boat.

The lower picture is of her at Preston circa 1915, presumably when owned by William Davies. Her distinctive funnel aft of the bridge, which itself protrudes for'ard of the upper boiler casing can be clearly seen.

Photograph courtesy of the Roy Cressey Collection

Photograph courtesy of the Preston Digital Archive