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Porpoise       Upward


Builder Burrell Hamiltonhill
Official Nr 102619
Yard Nr  
Launched 1893
Length 66 ft
Beam 18.3 ft
Gross 88 tons
Nett 35 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Steam Compound

Not discovered by me until Graham Lappin sent me the photograph below. Built for Glasgow Steam Coasters Ltd. By 1915 she is registered to a George Speed of Dundee.   Her 1920 MNL entry shows her having moved south to Liverpool in the ownership of Rea Ltd., and renamed "Upward".

The photograph below isn't dated but was I am told taken on the Forth and Clyde Canal, Given the terrain in the background I am going to guess near its Western end at Bowling.


Photograph courtesy of the Graham Lappin collection