puffers & vics






Builder J&G Thomson, Goven
Official Nr 87720
Yard Nr 123
Launched 1871
Length 63.4 ft
Beam 13.3 ft
Gross 42 tons
Deadweight 28 tons
Engine 1 cyl non condensing

This entry needs to be read with caution. It was originally for a vessel named "Maisie" which I had come across a reference to as a regular coal carrier to the Isle of Arran. However I could not find any matching details of her either in the Mercantile Registers, The Clydebuilt Database, or elsewhere. I have now come to the conclusion that "Maisie" was probably an erroreous transcription of "Mysie" due possibly to strong local dialect or to the Gaelic language spoken on Arran at the time.  Her only known owner was John Pender Turnbull of Glasgow. She was lost on the 4th of August 1884 when she foundered a mile of Easdale Island in the Firth of Lorne. Subsequent efforts to raise her failed.

The photograph below is undated and does not name the puffer, but in the late 1800s two puffers were the mainstays of the coal runs to Blackwaterfoot: "Number 10" and the Mysie (or Maisie?).  This is definately not "Number 10" and so it might well be Mysie. :


Photograph courtesy of the Graham Lappin collection