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Ormsa II     Moonlight (2)


Builder Larne Shipbuilding Co
Official Nr 133103
Yard Nr   ?
Launched 1913
Length 66.7 ft
Beam 18.5 ft
Gross 100 tons
Deadweight 41 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Steam Compound

Built as the "Ormsa II", Malcolm Campbell of Glasgow, later passing to Duncan Campbell prior to her sale to the  Light Shipping Company sometime after 1930 when she was renamed "Moonlight". I have no further information on the history of this vessel prior to her fatal final voyage on the 25th August 1948.

On 25th August 1948, Moonlight was on passage from Furnace on Loch Fyne to Ormidale in the Kyles of Bute with a cargo of 120 tons of granite chips when she was overwhelmed by heavy seas. Click for the Link to Court of Equiry Report 

An accident as"Moonlight" was leaving harbour on this fatal voyage was to have a fortunate consequence for its victim and a tragic one for two others. Her engineer Daniel McNeil (of the McNeil of Greenock puffer owning family) injured his hand and had to be taken to hospital for treatment. His place was taken by a relief engineer who was lodging with his wife and two children in the house next door to the McNeil family and as the puffer had a spare berth he took his wife with him. Both were to perish, along with her master Stuart Ross and one other crew member. Only her deckhand survived.

Moonlight's wreck is substantially intact and lying in 120 feet of water between Sgal Mor and Ardlamont point.