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Builder Swan Kelvin Dock
Official Nr 86672
Yard Nr  
Launched 1882
Length 65.3 ft
Beam 17.7 ft
Gross 66 tons
Nett 38 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Steam compound

Built for George Ferguson of Glasgow. Her original inverted engine was compounded in 1891.

The RCHAMS Canmore database records her stranding on Boghacuil Rock outside Goat Island in Small Isles Bay on the East Coast of the Isle of Jura. The "date of loss" is given as 28th October 1898 and she is said to have been included in the official list of "casualties involving total loss" for that year. This record also states that she was owned at that time by R Munro & Co of Glasgow. Perhaps significantly though Canmore does not include any wreck survey data and it it therefore probable that she was salvaged before coming into the ownership of JS & J Gillespie of Rothesay in 1899 before later in the same year being sold on to Peter Barr of Rothesay.

In 1900 she was bought by a Benjamin Clark of North Shields and then in 1907 sold by them to Henry & MacGregor of Leith (later to become part of the Christian Salvesen empire). Several histories of Salvesen confirm their ownership of her, and her tonnage and date of build, and so I am convinced we must be talking about the same ship.

Finally, she passed into the ownership of the Ulster Manure Company in 1914 before being broken up in 1935.

The photograph below is believed to have been talen at the North Pier, Oban in 1882, the year of Mayf;lower's launch. (Had it been post-1914 we might have had a clue as to the nature of the cargo heaped on the quayside!)


The photograph below is from the William Lind collection courtesy of the Ballast Trust and is reproduced under a Creative Commons license