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Glen Shiel


Builder Livingston, Peterhead
Yard Nr 5
Launched 10/11/1958
Delivered 1959
Length 106 ft

22 ft

Gross 195 tons
Engine Burmeister Wain Alpha Diesel

Acquired by Glenlight in 1963 and their first vessel for the Clyde and Western Isles trade that was too big for the canals. She was a near-sister of "Dawnlight", "Glenfyne" and "Glencloy"

Foundered 10 miles NW of Ayr on 29th June 1973  after departure from Ayr Harbour with a cargo of coal for Shieldhall Dock in Glasgow. Some sources refer to her loss in mysterious circumstances, whilst it was also claimed that her hatch covers had not been fitted prior to her sailing and she took sea into her hold. Whatever the cause, six of her seven crew tragically lost their lives.

An interesting footnote is that although intended to be and was always known by her owners as "Glenshiel" she was, due to a clerical error by the authorities, actually registered as "Glen Shiel"  This little technicality was overcome by her name being ambiguously painted on her hull in block capitals.

Photographed at Troon in 1960


Photograph courtesy of the Roy Cressey Collection