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Glencloy (5)    


Builder Tczew SY, Poland
Yard Nr 363/02
Launched 31/8/1973
Delivered Jan 1974
Length 176 ft
Gross 498 tons


Engine oil

Bought by Glenlight as the "Sea Maas" from London owners in an attempt to achieve economies of scale. She was the fifth and last Glencloy to sail with Glenlight and their predecessors. However, with her size and a cargo capacity of 750 tons, she was a fully-fledged coaster and can hardly be compared with the first three of her namesakes. She is nevertheless relevent to our story and so is included here. 

The photograph below shows her arriving at Belfast

She subsequently passed through the hands of several owners and was variously named "Benfield", "Victoria IV", "Kristina" and "FM Express", On 10th March 2013 she caught fire in the Caribbean off the coast of Colombia. Her crew were all saved and her burnt out shell eventually drifted ashore.

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