puffers & vics


Glencloy (4)    


Builder Scotts, Bowling
Official Nr
Yard Nr 434
Launched 19/5/1966
Length 109.3 ft
Beam 23.9 ft
Gross 200 tons


101 tons
Engine Diesel 2SA 4Cy 310bhp

Built for G & G Hamilton and later on their merger with Ross & Marshall, becoming one of the Glenlight Shipping fleet. About the only notable incident of her career appears to have been her running aground on Heisker, close to Canna and Rhum in the Small Isles, which the mate, taking a wee nap at the wheel, didn't see despite the island's lighthouse.  No great harm done and she was successfully refloated after the crew were given a tour of the lighthouse!.

Sold on to Societe d'Exploitation Transports Maritimes Cotiers, Vannes in 1979 and renamed "Taillefer". Later sold on to Compagnie de Transport Maritime du Golfe de Guinea of Cotonou, Benin in 2004.

She was believed to still be in use in Nigerian waters in 2008.