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Builder Swan Kelvin Dock
Official Nr 48938
Yard Nr  
Launched 6/1864
Length 65.1 ft
Beam 17.1 ft
Gross 49 tons
Nett 47 tons
Engine Steam Compound ?

Built for William Robertson & Co. of Glasgow, originally as a sail ketch. When, even if, she was fitted with an engine is not known but she is included here to cover the possibility that she was. There would have been opportunity during her repair after her 1866 grounding and subsequent sinking in Lamlash Bay..  This report header at the RCAHMS describes her as a "Dandy", which would be appropriate is she had not been engined

:Lamlash, 29th Nov. The GARNET, Clark, of and from Glasgow, for Whitehouse, with coals, put about for the Loch here 26th Nov., missed stays, drove on the rocks at Holy Isle, and now lies full of water, but is expected off after discharging if the weather continue moderate.
Source: LL, No. 16,425, London, Monday, December 3 1866.

Lamlash, 4th Dec. The GARNET, Clark, from Glasgow to Whitehaven, stranded at Holy Island 26th Nov., slipped off into deeper water in the night of the 29th., and nothing of her is now visible but about half her masts  Source: Additional Intelligence, LL, No. 16,428, London, Thursday, December [1866]

I have since received information that she was salvaged and that her end didn't come until 28th May 1868 when she was wrecked at Langness Point on the Isle of Man. I have not yet found any official records to confirm this though.