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Builder Scott, Bowling
Official Nr 18594
Yard Nr 12
Launched 1857
Length c66 ft
Beam c16 ft
Gross 36 tons
Nett 36 ? tons
Engine not as built?

Built for Campbell & MacArthur of Glasgow as a sailing vessel. By 1870 she was owned by Donald Mcarthur of Glasgow and by 1890 by Archibal Graham of Glasgow. She was believed to have been based for some time on the Holy Loch on the Cowal Peninsula before being sold to Rea & Co to work on the Mersey

There is a big question mark over whether this vessel was ever fitted with an engine. Her last entry in the MNL, in 1890, has her as a "Smack" but I have included  her here on the off chance that she was engined at some later date.