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Builder Swan Kelvin Dock
Official Nr 68096
Yard Nr   ?
Launched 1874
Length 65.2 ft
Beam 17 ft  approx
Gross 50 tons
Nett 34 tons
Engine Steam 2cy compound

Owned by Morrison, Munro & Co., Glasgow.

On 27 September 1875 she left Glasgow bound for Belfast with a cargo of coal. In bad weather, she was driven onto the rocks at Clachaig on the south end of the Isle of Arran and sank.  Only one of her crew were saved.   The official Court of  Enquiry report stated that

"The vessel from her construction was unfit for sea voyages. The iron bulkheads were not watertight and she was too deeply laden for any but river navigation. She was also insufficiently manned, and provision ought to have been made for carrying a small boat on deck with safety. As several vessels of the FAY class were in the habit of crossing the Irish Channel at all seasons of the year in a dangerously deep condition, the Court considered it their duty to draw the attention of the Board of Trade to this dangerous practice. Inquiry held at Glasgow"