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Builder Swan, Kelvin Dock
Official Nr 71697
Yard Nr
Launched 1875
Length 66.5 ft
Beam 17.8 ft
Gross 64 tons
N43ett 43 tons
Engine 20hp Compound

Built for and operated by Morris Munro & Co. and registered at Greenock. As her owners were coal merchants supplying MacBrayne's Steamers it is fair to assume that Faun was engaged in this trade and would therefore have been a regular through the Crinan Canal bound for Oban.

As a return cargo to the Clyde, she would have carried slate from the quarries on Luing and surrounding islands and it appears that it was on one such voyage that she came to grief.  

On 28th November 1879 she departed Bowling on the upper Clyde bound for Port Dundas on the Forth and Clyde canal with a cargo of slate and one passenger. As she passed Dalmuir her boiler exploded, killing one crewman. The official record says that she was a "partial loss".

She was salvaged and in 1889 she was re-engined and in 1904 came into the ownership of daniel S Love of Glasgow. In 1911 she was owned by Henry Salvesen of Grangemoiuth and in 1923 by Andrew Leckie of Greenock. She was broken up in 1934.