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Builder A&J Inglis  Pointhouse
Official Nr 53414
Yard Nr 35
Launched 12/7/1866
Length 65.2 ft
Beam 18.2 ft
Gross 61 tons
Nett 43 tons
Engine 2 cyl steam compound ?

Built for the North British Steam Packet Company and sold by them sometime in the 1880s to Joseph & John Dewar of Portree on Skye. Sold on by them in 1897 to a partnership of Donald and John Dewar of Easdale. (It is not known if both the John Dewars named are one and the same ). It has to be assumed that in this latter ownership she was engaged in carrying slate from the quarries on Easdale and the neighbouring islands.

In 1907 Dunlop was bought by John Munro of Oban and remained in essentially the same ownership, including John Munro Ltd and Munro's Shipbuilding, Repairing & Engineering Co Ltd., until she went for scrap in 1922.



A Postcard from Easdale. Courtesy of  Crawford Alexander