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Builder Wm Simons Whiteinch
Official Nr 208213
Yard Nr 87
Launched 1857
Length 68.3 ft
Beam 17.7ft
Gross 54 tons
Nett 49 tons
Engine 8hp compound

Built for the Cyde Shipping Co and engined in 1861 when sold on to Rintoul and Brebner of Glasgow. Into the ownership of William Cowan of Glasgow in 1866 and then Steel & McCaskill of Glasgow in 1871 and a J Steel in 1884.  In 1896 she was bought by Wm Allan of VCulross and in 1900 by Wm Thomson Rogers of Dundee. Staying in Dindee, by 1904 she was owned by the Dundee Sand & Lighterage Co.with whom she is thought to have remained in service until 1935.

I have unearthed two reports of mishaps involving vessels named "Dunglass" in the Firth of Forth area. The first is from Loyds List of June 11th 1873 and records that on 7th June 1873 she ran aground and sank 100 yards from the shore near North Berwick on the Forth while on passage to Berwick upon Tweed with a cargo of pig iron.  Her crew were recorded as all having been saved. 

The Fifeshire Advertiser of 24 September 1898 reports that "There are 16 vessels ashore in the Firth of Forth, east and west of Kirkcaldy. At Kinghorn: Dunglass, badly damaged ". There is no further comment or description of the final fate of any of the vessels involved.

I have no positive information to let me conclude that all are the same "Dunglass" however as the name is not such a common one there has to be a strong possibility that they are one and the same.