puffers & vics


Dawnlight I


Builder Scotts Greenock
Official Nr
Yard Nr 703
Launched 1/6/1965
Length 107 ft 2
Beam 21 ft 10
Gross 199 tons
Engine 2SA 6 Cyl 300bhp

Built for Ross & Marshall, later to become part of the Glenlight fleet post-merger.  Usually referred to simply as "Dawnlight" when in fact she was officially "Dawnlight 1"

She was built specifically to serve the outer isles and, with the steady loss of the puffers" traditional cargo to the state-subsidised car ferries, by 1988 she was surplus to requirements and was sold to Bailey & Boynton of Hull.  She then moved on to the Lundy Company in 1990 to serve the island of the same name in the Bristol Channel. A year later she changed hands again, this time to a C A Clarke of Penzance before, in 1994, being sold to  Agnes Naviera in Honduras, who renamed her "Agnes". According to Equasis she is still in service there as at 13th Sept 2010.

This photograph on the Scottish Maritime Museum's flikr album taken circa 1970 shows her with a deck crane, which is also visible in another SMM photograph of her taken in 1976 at Ayr. It had however been removed before the photograph below was talen at the Albert dock Hull on 12/12/1987, presumably not too long before she was bought by Bailey & Boynton.


Photograph courtesy of and Copyright Patrick Hill