puffers & vics




Builder possibly J&A Ross
Official Nr 96046
Yard Nr
Launched 1889
Length 66.2 ft

15.3 ft

Gross 43 t
Nett 29 t

The first record of her that I can trace is her entry in the MNL for 1890 which shows her registered in Glasgow to owner James Gardner of Meiklehill, Kirkintilloch. The records for 1900 and 1915 show her owned by Alex Gillespie, Falkirk and in  1920 by James Aitken Ltd. also of Falkirk.

Her design shows that she was an "inside boat" and she probably spent most if not all of her life on the Forth and Clyde Canal. Notice her hatch covers stacked neatly behind her foremast.

I am uncertain about who built her. The only boatbuilder I can trace in the Falkirk area was J&A Ross of Camelon founded in 1840 but one brother, Andrew, died in 1845 and the other, James, left the business soon after. I am assuming that it continued as a going concern under new management but do not have any facts to back this up.

The lighter transiting through the opening bridge is Carron's "No 16 "


photograph courtesy of Graham Lappin