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VIC 57      Arran Monarch     Coedmor


Builder Pollock  Faversham
Official.No 180868
Yard Nr 1841
Launched 8/3/1946
Delivered 6/1946
Length 80.5 ft
Beam 20 ft
Gross 147 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Steam Compound Oil fired boiler

Was with the MOWT  until being purchased by Arran Sea Transport in 1948


Owned by Arran Sea Transport Ltd. she provided bulk cargo services between the Ayrshire ports (mainly Troon) and the Isle of Arran for five or six years until she was sold on to Wansborough Paper Co in Somerset to bring their coal supplies from South Wales. The photo at top left shows her as "Arran Monarch" but is undated.

In 1960 she was purchased by a P. Herbert of Bude in Cornwall and, still named Arran Monarch", she appears to have continued her previous task of coal-carrying for Wansborough Paper.

In 1964 she was renamed "Coedmor" and converted by Hollacombe Aggregates of Wadebridge, Cornwall for sand dredging based at Hayle. This lengthened her to 107.7 feet and her gt increased to 181.  The photograph at top right was taken by Richard Danielson in 1980 at Wadebridge.

In 1985 she was believed sold on to a D.C.Williams of Llanelli in South Wales. The bottom left photograph of her at Hayle shows her Port of Registry as Llanelli and so is presumably post-1985.  The most recent picture is that at bottom right which was taken in 2002. Her fo'c'sle has been removed and she looks in a very sorry state, possibly in the process of being dismantled, which I believe was completed by the following year.



courtesy of the Roy Cressey Collection

courtesy of and copyright Richard Danielson

courtesy of and copyright Chris Jones

 courtesy of and copyright Chris Jones