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Builder Swan Kelvin Dock
Yard Nr
Official Nr 89932
Launched 1884
Length 65.6 ft
Beam 17.5ft
Gross 69 tons
Nett 40 tons
Engine 2 cyl steam compound

Built for Richard Munro of Glasgow. In the 1890 NML she is shown owned by John Scott Munro of 160 Hope Street Glasgow. By 1891 she was registered in Belfast and owned by a Frank B. Summers of Chester. In 1897 she was owned by John Summers and Company. She was re-registered in Glasgow in 1903 and in 1910 the MNL shows her owned by George Hooton of Liverpool. She foundered in the Mersey on  21st February 1920. Her wreck was abandoned to the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board and her ultimate fate is unknown.

The postcard below shows her beached at Oban near to the Lighthouse Pier and I'm looking for a positive ID on the ship tied up alongside. Crawford Alexander, who has his own copy of it, has dated the postcard as no later than September 1905 although it could be a few years earlier than that. At any rate, there wern't any lighthouse tenders about then which would resemble this ship. . It is therefore odds on that she is a local steamer. Crawford thinks it might be the 1898 Ailsa-built 585grt passenger steamer "Hebrides" operated then by John McAllum of Glasgow, and with David MacBrayne from 1948 until scrapped in 1955.  Do I have any other offers?

Photograph courtesy of the Graham Lappin collection