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Arran Sea Transport Ltd

Arran Sea Transport was founded by James Latona and associates of  Brodick.  Interestingly, Mr Latona was a son of a Sicilian seaman, Cossimo Latona, shipwrecked on Arran in 1889 and who loved the island so much he made it his home and married a local lass!

A detailed history of the company is unavailable but it appears to have been active from 1946 when they acquired a 1904-built steam lighter which they renamed the Arran Rose . She was disposed of four years later and in 1954 they purchased the former VIC57 which they named " Arran Monarch . She was sold in 1960 effectively ending the island's own dedicated bulk cargo service.

James Latona passed away at Lochgoilhead in 1956.